Fwd: Yaws / mod_rewrite alternative

Dale Harvey <>
Thu Jul 21 17:46:17 CEST 2005

> Hmm, you want dynmically generated css/jpg files
> shipped by yaws. I'm not sure how to to do that since
> it's the .yaws extension which makes yaws invoke
> the out/1 function and everything.
Im invoking out/1 from appmod  in yaws.conf, 

> Take a look at
>  # man yaws.conf
> arg_rewrite_mod = Module
>      It  is  possible  to  install a module that rewrites all the Arg
>      #arg{} records at an early stage in the yaws server.   This  can
>      be  used to do various things such as checking a cookie, rewrit-
>      ing paths etc.

Heh yeh i noticed that, but erlang / yaws docs + google doesnt make
anymore mention of it, or at least that i can find

> All in all, I think you need to tell us better what it is you
> want to do.

I want all "pages" on a site served by a single function
www.domain.com/ - served by mymodule:out(A)
www.domain.com/home/ - served by mymodule:out(A)
www.domain.com/anything/else - served by mymodule:out(A)

and all files, css, images, js just given the actual file
www.domain.com/style.css - to just send style.css

I got it working, but its not the nicest solution,  a series of 
appmod = <"home",mymodule>
appmod = <"contact",mymodule> 
ect ect for each top level section

and a rewrite for root ( I cant find how to just to <"/",mymodule>

then i can just check is _regular(docroot++appmoddata),
and redirect_local if it is a file, else check the url and send back html

arg_mod_rewrite does seem like it would have the solution I want
though, I just cant find anymore information on it



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