Directory structure for non-OTP projects

Tim Bates <>
Thu Jul 21 11:33:33 CEST 2005

Claes Wikstom wrote:
> I don't like the OTP build environment one bit. The Makefiles are hard
> to read and debug.
> If your project is reasonably small you could take a look at the
> yaws build environment. It's easier/more naive than otp and doesn't use
> any bootscripts at all.

Thanks klacke, but the yaws build environment does not appear to deal
with multiple applications, nor have I any idea how the test_server
would fit in with all of this.

I've looked at a couple of other open source projects, including eddie
and ejabberd. None of them uses quite the same build environment or
directory structure as OTP. I'd like not to roll my own, so: does anyone
use the directory structure recommended in the OTP Design Principles? If
so, how have they set up their build environment? How does this build
environment interact with the erl shell, the test_server and OTP release


Tim Bates

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