utf-8 or other unicode support

Jérôme Desquilbet <>
Wed Jul 20 20:20:36 CEST 2005

I have done this successfully: display utf-8 pages with Yaws, capture
text in input fields, save them into files, load the files, same but
with storage in mnesia tables, then display the text again on a page...
I have done this with Yaws running on MacOSX, the web browser being
either Safari on MacOSX, of Firefox on MacOSX or on Windows XP, it
works. I will soon check the server side on Linux, but I guess it will
work, too.
The only small problem is with tv that don't show the accented letters
properly from the mnesia fields (a Tk issue I guess).
So, I think you can spend some time on a small mockup, at least it is 
not sure it will break :-)

ke.han wrote:
> Hello,
> Its my understanding that erlang strings are not utf-8 or otherwise 
> unicode.
> I need to develop a web application to support Latin and Asian languages.
> For HTML pages, I"m assuming I can just code them in the proper language 
> and yaws will handle things (This is a big assumption and I would like 
> feedback on this).
> What about handling data in mnesia or dets?
> In years past when a DB did not support utf-8, but my Java strings were 
> utf-8, I could encode them to binary for storage.  Unfortunately, this 
> diminishes query ability.  In addition, since most of app data was in 
> Latin characters, I had to encode/decode fields just in case which added 
> lots of unnecessary overhead.
> What have others done?
> thanks, ke han

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