Erlang (mild) PL buzz

Kostis Sagonas <>
Wed Jul 20 15:25:26 CEST 2005

Michael Williams wrote:
 > |> Threads Cannot Be Implemented As A Library, Hans-J. Boehm.
 > |> 
 > Interesting paper, but somewaht far from reality. Anyone who programmed
 > a concurrent application as shown in the examples in this paper would
 > need their heads examined. Even in C...

The point of the paper is different, at least in my reading and from
listening to the paper's presentation at PLDI.

The point is that in a language that has not been designed with
concurrency integrated in the language/compiler but where concurrency
is merely an add-on in the form of a library, the compiler can, quite
reasonably, create such nasty situations through transformations that
do not take into account that the execution will be multi-threaded if
a library such as Pthreads is linked in.

Hence, the disclaimer that this does not apply to Erlang (which has a
different model of concurrency) or CML.


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