Inswitch being less than clear about where Erlang came from

Joe Armstrong (AL/EAB) <>
Tue Jul 19 15:37:36 CEST 2005

>  > > I was interested in learning more about what kind of 
> product Mr. Bello
>  > > might be developing.  I went to his company website and 
> clicked on the
>  > > menu bar link titled "Our Technology",
>  > >  It is 
> surprising that
>  > > this page describes Erlang/OTP but makes no mention of 
      True - But this page makes no claim that they developed OTP
- the link to the page is "Our technology" which I guess should be liberally
interpreted as "The technology we use"

> the creators of
>  > > the technology.  Ericsson is mentioned as "largest user 
> of Erlang".  I
>  > > always thought that Ericsson created Erlang and OTP and 
> licenses it
>  > > with an open source license.  The Inswitch website gives me the
>  > > impression that Erlang/OTP was created by Inswitch.  Is 
> this right?

I didn't get that impression. Bu then I'm biased  - Page

Says "With the foundation of IN Switch Solutions, a major software restructure was accomplished. IN Switch Licensed Erlang, (Ericsson-Language) a switch running environment developed and supported by Ericsson. "

- pretty clear to me

>  > Hmm. It would be appropriate with at least a link to the
>  > website.

- Yes. It's a shame the Erlang licence did not say - "any web site advertising
an Erlang product must display the Erlang logo, suitable hidden so that nobody 
can find it :-) 

But my overall reaction was "I'm pleased to discover yet another company who is
is using Erlang" rather than " here why haven't they referred to us "

Now if anybody from Inswitch is reading, we would appreciate a link to from your main pages - This will increase our rating in
the google link weighting algorithm - oh and good luck with Erlang.


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