mnesia query

Ulf Wiger <>
Mon Jul 18 17:16:54 CEST 2005

Den 2005-07-18 16:12:50 skrev Michael Leonhard <>:

> I was interested in learning more about what kind of product Mr. Bello
> might be developing.  I went to his company website and clicked on the
> menu bar link titled "Our Technology",
>  It is surprising that
> this page describes Erlang/OTP but makes no mention of the creators of
> the technology.  Ericsson is mentioned as "largest user of Erlang".  I
> always thought that Ericsson created Erlang and OTP and licenses it
> with an open source license.  The Inswitch website gives me the
> impression that Erlang/OTP was created by Inswitch.  Is this right?

Hmm. It would be appropriate with at least a link to the website.


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