New trading systems platform

travlr <>
Mon Jul 18 08:46:55 CEST 2005

Hi there,

I've followed J.Reymont over here from the trading forum, so I want to
thank him for introducing me to erlang.

My first impression is that Erlang seems to be a dream for RT, DC-HPC,
so I want to thank the developers for it's utility and it's

The discussion here about efficiency for large data set retrieval and
number crunching, led me to want to share my favorite libraries of
choice. I'm a Python aficionado because of it's remarkable scripting
ease, and it's near transparency over "C" libraries (amongst other
reasons)... Here are some excellent packages for efficiency and easy

For DB, Pytables is a thin wrapper over the NCSA's HDF5 library:

For Number Crunching I use the STCI's Numarray package, as well as

Pytables is quite amazing and also built with Numarray/Numeric so is
therefore nearly seamless for retrieval and then crunching:

The desires of all the situations mentioned in this thread, regarding
DB's and Number crunching, are contained very well in these packages.

I'd be curious to hear comments.


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