Installing Eddie under Debian GNU/Linux (Sarge/Woody)?

Thomas Fischbacher <>
Fri Jul 15 22:03:09 CEST 2005

On Fri, 15 Jul 2005, Jani Hakala wrote:

> >
> Try applying the following patch

Thanks for the tip. I already figured this out of my own by now.

By the way, one also has to patch the in dns_server.

Right now, I am quite undecided about eddie, considering that it feels to 
a newbie as if over the years, bit rot had done quite some damage.

Nevertheless, I think the erlang community still might have something 
quite interesting to offer to the world here, if a few points can be 
resolved (including licensing - maybe).

After all, there are a lot of people around who just do not want to run 
BIND9, chrooted or not, and who would not consider installing software by 
a person who really considers himself the only authority in the world that 
has the right to define what a filesystem hierarchy should look like. 
There are some further less known alternatives, like MaraDNS, usually 
also done in C (or C++), but having a reasonably complete DNS server 
implemented in a safe language is certainly a very big plus. (I hope I'm 
not over-estimating erlang in terms of security here - as I said, I'm 
just a beginner.)

Well, I'll play around a bit more with it tomorrow, and also have a close 
look at the code. Thanks all, you're great.

regards,                             (o_
 Thomas Fischbacher -  //\
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