Installing Eddie under Debian GNU/Linux (Sarge/Woody)?

Thomas Fischbacher <>
Fri Jul 15 20:23:00 CEST 2005

On Fri, 15 Jul 2005, Will Newton wrote:

> > I downloaded the sources from
> > (eddie-1.5.1.tar.gz) and use Debian 3.1 on x86/32 bit (Sarge - but as
> > there are no Erlang packages for Sarge, I resorted to installing those
> > from woody).
> The ones from Woody are quite old now IIRC (R8). The erlang packages from sid 
> should install, and if they don't rebuilding should be trivial.

Indeed, that seemed to do the job. Thanks.

I had to upgrade libc, libc6-dev, openssl to the packages from etch, but 
now it seems to compile. (No, I'm actually not that insane to mess up my 
Debian installation for playing around with a DNS implementation I might 
or might not use in the end. I'm doing this from within user mode linux 
with copy-on-write persistent disks.)

Now for the next problem: fdsrv_drv.c wants to

#include "driver.h"

which comes from the erlang header files. There is such a file in 
include/obsolete/ - this seems to have changed to erl_driver.h in the 
version of Erlang I have now. (I cannot just replace driver.h by 
erl_driver.h, but am I permitted to use obsolete/driver.h?)

All that is certainly not that nice, but on the other hand, I am maybe 
not that interested in the fdsrv component at all. Let's see. 

At least, "make dns_server" seems to work well now.

regards,                             (o_
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