Meyer, OO and concurrency

Valentin Micic <>
Fri Jul 15 08:44:42 CEST 2005

From: "Ulf Wiger" <>

I've argued before that I think process dictionaries have received
a bad reputation unjustly. They have the same basic semantics as
private ets tables, but have some nice advantages besides the obvious
advantage of convenience.

* * *
Now that you've mention it:
because of this *reputation*, I've been avoiding dictionary (BIFs put &
get),  for a long time. Recently, I did some ad-hoc measurement, and noticed
that dictionary migt be considerably faster in accessing data than ets --
possibly because data from dictionary are passed by reference, wheres ets
has to reply with message. What are the limitations of dictionary, and *why*
it received a bad reputation?


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