mnesia query

Ulf Wiger <>
Thu Jul 14 18:47:18 CEST 2005

Den 2005-07-14 18:05:58 skrev Sebastian Bello <>:

> We are using select. Ok, I'll check for that. Three more questions  
> (please
> tell me if they have already been aswered in the list):
> 1- what are the options to get the result ordered by the key (in this
> particular case)?

The result is going to be in whatever order that the table
is in. If it's an ordered set, you will have a defined order,
otherwise not.

> 2- is it possible to perform a query using two indexes?

I think so, if you use mnemosyne.

> 3- is there a guide from where to read about performance issues in  
> mnesia?

Don't think so. There may be some words in the user guide,
but it's been a while since I read it through.
In the reference manual, some of the functions are described
with performance issues highlighted.


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