(Master) SNMP Agent more basic question

Dietmar Schaefer <>
Tue Jul 12 16:52:11 CEST 2005

HI !

A more basic question concerning SNMP master agents just rised !

It's all about "Using the SNMP Agent in a Distributed Environment"

Is it possible to habe two nodes running two MASTER agents which share a 
mnesia database?

The database is designed so that each node has it's own entries.

The index is the name (or a computed has value) of the node.

For example:

Setting a MIB variable:

setMibActive(State) when is_integer(State),State < 3 ->
    {ok,Key} = 
cmmc_util:getIndex(),                                          %% 
Hostname is index !
    F = fun()  ->     
                [E] = mnesia:dirty_read({scalarVariables,Key}),
        %    {NewState,_Rest} = string:to_integer(State),
                New = E#scalarVariables{fourDMibActive = State},

Any advice ???



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