Sutter & message passing

Thomas Lindgren <>
Mon Jul 11 19:00:19 CEST 2005

If you remember the very good article "The Free Lunch
is Over" by Herb Sutter, it may be interesting to hear
what MS (or at least Sutter) is up to:

"Iain McInnes wrote in a comment that he sees the
solution to concurrency as:
Don't share data between threads. Just don't
Easy to say: People didn't like giving up GOTO,
What's the alternative ? Asynchronous message
Bingo. That's the core lesson, and it's the
cornerstone of a design I've been working on since
late last year: Shared state is evil (for concurrency,
but also for so many other reasons including plain old
single-threaded coupling). Async messages are the way
to communicate."

Alas, he later goes on to say that functional
languages are "too different" :-)

"... we need something a lot smoother, cleaner, and
applicable to current imperative programming
languages. I and other people are actively working on


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