Web interface framework for Erlang

Mikael Karlsson <>
Fri Jul 8 19:22:04 CEST 2005

Looking at what is in there it seems to be quite some work
put into it and since the description fits what was asked
for earlier I think it would be a good idea to package it.

I sure would not mind to try it out for some applications. 

Best Regards

- Introduction
- WSTL is a framework developped by Vladimir Sekissov. It is based on a
- component approach and provide all the needed features to develop
- consistent and maintenable Web Application:

Tue 05 July 2005 12:14 Vladimir Sekissov wrote:
> Good day,
> mikael.karlsson> I looked around a bit more on the Erlang list and found
> mikael.karlsson> the attachement ws.tar.gz in posting:
> mikael.karlsson>
> mikael.karlsson>
> http://www.erlang.org/ml-archive/erlang-questions/200502/msg00289.html
> mikael.karlsson>
> mikael.karlsson> Extract from file ws/stl/doc/manual.tex:
> ...
> mikael.karlsson> Does anybody now the status of this?
> I haven't time for a year to bring the code to the state when it could
> be usable by others except me. But if somebody is interesting in it I
> try to package all stuff with examples at weekends.
> Best Regards,
> Vladimir Sekissov

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