New trading systems platform

James Hague <>
Thu Jul 7 22:00:23 CEST 2005

>I'm concerned that Erlang might not be good enough performance-wise
>for numerical math on large lists of tuples. Still, I think coding
>the financial models in Erlang could be an advantage since the data
>will be in Mnesia, on the same node.

Much financial work like this is done in array languages, like K
( and J (  They're
designed to churn through large data sets quickly.  J is free, so one
conceivable option is to communicate with a J process from Erlang, but
that may be too roundabout.  J will make your head explode.

Honestly, I'd like to see some basic tuple math added to Erlang, but
this clashes with the sensibilities of some people.  For example:

   1 + {1,2,3} -> {3,4,5}
   {1,2,3} + 1 -> {3,4,5}
   {1,2,3} + {10,20,30} -> {11,22,33}
   2 * {1,2,3} -> {2,4,6}

I don't think this would be that hard to hack into the emulator.

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