why?? {error, enotsock}

Matthias Lang <>
Thu Jul 7 10:35:59 CEST 2005

Ki-Youn Sung writes:
 > Hello.
 > My System is WindowsXP SP2.
 > Recently, I installed version R10B-6, and runned "erl -sname name".
 > but I don't run erl, erl program error is below,
 > {error_logger,{{2005,7,7},{15,47,2}},'Protocol: ~p: register/listen error: ~p~n'
 > ,[inet_tcp,enotsock]}


 > and, tried again this,
 > erl> gen_tcp:listen(0, [])
 > erl> {error, enotsock}

 > Do you know Why.??

It looks like you already found the previous time this was discussed:


I don't think anyone came up with a satisfactory answer then, beyond
the usual Microsoft troubleshooting procedure, i.e.

  - randomly install and uninstall various service packs, hoping to
    find the magic one which only breaks features you don't need

  - re-install windows

There must be a better way.


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