Web interface framework for Erlang

Mikael Karlsson <>
Tue Jul 5 11:18:29 CEST 2005

I looked around a bit more on the Erlang list and found 
the attachement ws.tar.gz in posting:


Extract from file ws/stl/doc/manual.tex:
WSTL - A framework for web application development}

author: Mickaël Rémond - 

WSTL is a framework developped by Vladimir Sekissov. It is based on a
component approach and provide all the needed features to develop
consistent and maintenable Web Application:

- Component based development model
- Templating system: STL
- Integrated database: Mnesia
- Connection pooling for relational database Access (Through ODBC)}

WSTL has been developed with the Erlang programming language and
uses Yaws as its web server.

Does anybody now the status of this?


måndag 04 juli 2005 10:38 skrev Simon Aurell:
> Tee: Struts is definitely one of the frameworks that I've come in
> contact with before which could serve as a model. However, the whole
> idea is to create something for Erlang.
> As Mikael mentioned, Yaws is a good idea and is probably what we will
> build it on. I've only got a vague idea of what J-EAI is. How would you
> say it could be used in building in this framework? I've heard lots
> about Ruby on Rails. Will definitely look into it.
> What would you say would be the most important features in a first
> prototype?
> Simon

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