Getting locks and sharing

Carsten Schultz <>
Tue Jul 5 11:04:55 CEST 2005

Matthias Lang schrieb:
> Reto Kramer writes:
>  > Where can I learn about what's been done in the past and get a sense of 
>  > the Erlang specific challenges and the complexity of such a multi CPU 
>  > aware VM?  Did the HiPE group attempt this in the past?
> Pekka Hedqvist and Tony Rogvall (not the HIPE group) implemented
> exactly such a beast for the (now defunct) JAM VM. I can't find the
> report online, but here's a summary from memory:

BTW, I have recently read that GHC people are working on a multi CPU
version.  Just imagine it being easier to write an application that
takes advantage of multiple CPUs in Haskell than in Erlang.  Does not
this motivate someone?  :-)

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