Web interface framework for Erlang

Simon Aurell <>
Mon Jul 4 10:38:07 CEST 2005

Tee: Struts is definitely one of the frameworks that I've come in 
contact with before which could serve as a model. However, the whole 
idea is to create something for Erlang.

As Mikael mentioned, Yaws is a good idea and is probably what we will 
build it on. I've only got a vague idea of what J-EAI is. How would you 
say it could be used in building in this framework? I've heard lots 
about Ruby on Rails. Will definitely look into it.

What would you say would be the most important features in a first 



>If looking at other languages you might also consider struts and tapestry from the Apache project. Both are Java centric.
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>Subject: Re: Web interface framework for Erlang
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>>I think this is  a great idea.
>>I would say that Yaws, and maybe J-EAI, would be a good
>>foundation to start with. Some work with PostgreSQL and MySQL
>>connectors, SOAP and also Mozilla/XUL have been mentioned on 
>>the list.
>>Apart from that, a lot of work would remain I guess.
>>Concerning a lightweight version of WebObjects i think
>>that Ruby on Rails could be a good source for inspiration.



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