Erlang Thesis projects finally online!

Francesco Cesarini (Erlang Training & Consulting) <>
Fri Jul 1 17:54:07 CEST 2005

The papers Dominic refers to were announced on our mailing list, not the 
erlang-questions one. As it might be of interest to more, here is the 
original email:

For those of you who missed the presentations last week, we have finally 
managed to add two interesting thesis projects online at

Remote Controlling Devices Using Instant Messaging -- Building an 
Intelligent Gateway In Erlang/OTP

Abstract: This paper shows how instant messaging technology can be used 
for remote controlling of devices, and outlines some of the issues 
involved, of which the most important is security. The concept of 
controlling and monitoring devices using instant messaging dialogue, 
presence and buddy list features is applied to a home automation 
context, and the idea and implementation of a prototype system is 
described. The paper describes how the excellent robustness and 
prototyping qualities of Erlang/OTP were exploited to quickly build a 
prototype system. It also shows how a gateway capable of speaking 
multiple device protocols can provide a single access point to different 
kinds of devices and services, and how the concept of agents can be used 
to add a layer of intelligence to the set of devices being controlled or 
monitored. PDF file is available at

Test Driven Development In Erlang

Abstract: Test Driven Development has been around for quite some time, 
but it has recently re-emerged through the introduction of Agile methods 
such as Extreme Programming and Internet Speed Programming. Test Driven 
Development has been proven to reduce faults in software written in Java 
and C++, but there are no reasons to believe these results are language 
specific. A case study was conducted during the development of an 
Erlang/OTP prototype comparing Test Last and Test Driven Development. It 
was concluded that Erlang/OTP based Test Driven Development improved the 
quality of the code by reducing faults and increasing overall productivity.


Martin, Simon and everyone else at Erlang Training & Consulting

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