Mikael Karlsson mikael.karlsson@REDACTED
Sun Feb 27 18:46:06 CET 2005

Great initiative,

but how do you relate to the already 
existing erlang-projects.org site?


söndag 27 februari 2005 16:04 skrev Torbjörn Törnkvist:
> Hello Erlang friends,
> We are pleased to announce a new Web site, www.trapexit.o
> <http://www.trapexit.org.>rg
> Over the years we have had plenty of discussions on how to best
> promote Erlang. As an answer to this we have created a Web Site
> where we hope to be able to gather as much useful info as possible.
> The intention is not to replace erlang.org, but rather to complement
> it by create a living site for the Erlang community.
> Right now it contains:
> + A Discussion forum, using phpBB, where we have bridged
>    the Erlang mailing lists into the forums.
> + A document store where you can upload HowTo-documentation.
> + An on-line man-page browser.
> + Browse access to a Jungerl repository which is updated daily.
> + An experimental chat area (written in Erlang and Javascript)
> + Links to other Erlang information.
> We are also working on a RSS aggregator for collecting Erlang blogs
> information (if there are any such blogs... ?)
> Note that this is only a start, we plan to maintain and extend the site
> (forever...) if there seem to be enough interest from the Erlang community.
> (and don't hesitate to send us tips or suggestions on how to improve the
> site)
> Cheers, Tobbe and Jocke
> (Ps. I hope you didn't get this mail twice, I've had a subscription
> problem because of a changed email address.)

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