Erlang on AIX - any recent experiences?

Jani Launonen jabba@REDACTED
Tue Feb 22 09:36:50 CET 2005

Hello everyone!

After working for a week in a new work place, I've already started 
propagating Erlang for this and that. My boss seems interested in Erlang 
and I'm probably allowed to use Erlang in a teaching stint at local 
polytechnic. Concurrent and distributed systems are more easily explained 
with Erlang than starting to fight with some other languages(TM). Although 
it remains to be seen how the recursion and friends will be understood. By 
the way --- am I allowed to use Getting Started With Erlang -pages ( as 
a basis for Erlang teaching?

We have a quite big customer that is interested in reliable systems and it 
just might be possible to do something there with Erlang. Just might. 
Apparently the first thing to prove is to show Erlang working on AIX. I 
searched this list but there were no recent comments about Erlang on AIX. 
As far as I understand Erlang/OTP should compile on just any unix without 
problems. I don't have any AIX machines at my use right now so any recent 
experiences from the trenches would be most valuable for me.

Any hints or experiences teaching Erlang are also appreciated.

Jani Launonen 
Student. . . . . . . . . .University of Oulu, Dept. of El. & Inf. Eng.

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making future plans."
  - Alfred E. Neuman

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