How to configure processes, (and applications)

Vladimir Sekissov svg@REDACTED
Mon Feb 21 19:36:04 CET 2005

anders.nygren> I am not sure I completely understand what You are doing 
anders.nygren> but please send some code as this looks interesting.
anders.nygren> Does Your method also support configuration changes 
anders.nygren> while the system is running?

I don't know how this process could be generalized but in any way it
is ordinary OTP application, follow OTP rules and you can customize
its behaviour accordong to your needs (for my current needs restarting
the whole subsystem is enough).

The code is in attachement. As example of usage you can look at


Example config file: tacacs/templates/tacacs.conf.stl

You must make at top level to compile everything. You need GNU make >=
3.80 for this.

If you want to use application environment instead of text file you
can use {list, Config} as parameter instead of {file, Name}.

To change backend to application environment from ets, modify the
following property_server callbacks:


Best Regargs,
Vladimir Sekissov
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