Olivier Sambourg olivier.sambourg@REDACTED
Mon Feb 21 17:19:24 CET 2005

Thank you very much :)
I'm using XMPP as the communication protocol in a turn-based MMORPG
game and I'm considering making the avatars lightweight XMPP clients
(the other solution being having ejabberd sending erlang messages to
the avatars via a custom module). Jabberlang would be perfect for

Thanks again


On Mon, 21 Feb 2005 16:21:17 +0100, Mickael Remond
<mickael.remond@REDACTED> wrote:
> Olivier wrote:
> > Hi everyone
> >
> > I've been looking everywhere for the Jabberlang library (mentionned by
> > Mickaël Rémond in "Messaging with Erlang and Jabber"), without luck...
> > Is it available somewhere ?
> Hello,
> Jabberlang is a client library that help building Jabber/XMPP client in
> Erlang.
> The code is still on my machine. I still need to work one hour or two to
> package it and publish it.
> I will do that as soon as possible, most likely during the next week-end.
> --
> Mickaël Rémond
>   http://www.erlang-projects.org/

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