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Sean Hinde sean.hinde@REDACTED
Wed Feb 16 21:06:03 CET 2005

OK, this is what I did:

1. Apply this patch to erts/emulator/ to re-enable the SAE 

< all: generate erts_lib zlib $(BINDIR)/$(EMULATOR_EXECUTABLE) 
 > all: generate erts_lib zlib $(BINDIR)/$(EMULATOR_EXECUTABLE) 

2. Run configure; make; make install as normal

3. cd to erts/boot/src and run make (after setting ERL_TOP)

All the parts of sae are now built, but don't get installed 
automatically in the right places. beam_evm will be in 
$ERL_TOP/bin/powerpc-apple-darwin7.8.0, and this can be put anywhere - 
you need to distribute this with the apps

elink, ecc, escript, ear, esh and friends are built in the 
erts/boot/src directory - they should be manually copied to where their 
links points to in the installation.

erlang.ear is also in erts/boot/src and this also needs to be 
distributed with the apps.

You will eventually need to manually edit the paths at the top of the 
elink etc executables to point to the location of beam_evm and the .ear 
files. For the minute they point to the installed ones (There is a tool 
to do this but I haven't quite got that far)

A very minimal test program might look like this:



start(Args=[Bin,_|T]) ->
     erlang:display({"Args = ", T}),

to compile and link do:

ecc test.erl
elink -t unix -d -o test -S test -m test.beam

and run:

./test hello
{"Args = ",[<<5 bytes>>]}

I'll post my patch to the linker which allows for own ring0.erl another 


On 16 Feb 2005, at 08:39, Peter-Henry Mander wrote:

> Hi Luke, hi Klacke,
> I'm also interested in SAE with R10B-3. If you do have a procedure to
> enable SAE in the latest release, please let me know. As Luke seems to
> imply, it makes acceptance of Erlang applications soo-o-o-o-oo much
> easier when I don't have to install Erlang on the target machines.
> Pete.
> On 15 Feb 2005 17:49:34 +0100
> Luke Gorrie <luke@REDACTED> wrote:
>> klacke@REDACTED writes:
>>> A very nice opportunity has just emerged where I
>>> might be able to get erlang more into mainstream
>>> Nortel sw development ... maybe ...
>> Just shout to mbj. He made an SAE RPM out of our tcpdump-analyser that
>> we sent to other Nortel people. Even packaged up etk into a
>> jar^Wlibrary file and it worked great.
>> IIRC they only wanted a windows version. :-)
> -- 
> "The Tao of Programming
>  flows far away
>  and returns
>  on the wind of morning."

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