Erlang in Higher Education

Thomas Arts thomas.arts@REDACTED
Thu Feb 17 08:35:54 CET 2005

Dear Thomas

At the IT University of Göteborg (Sweden) we have an international
bachelors and masters program. Both have a strong Erlang component
in the program.
There are also plenty of opportunities to specialize in Erlang related stuff
and write a master thesis connected to hot Erlang research.

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Thomas Arts
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   Software Engineering and Management
IT University of Göteborg
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> Hi all!
> I'm considering going back to university for a year, and I'd love to
> program Erlang during this time.
> Is anybody on this list aware of a higher eduction program that makes
> use of Erlang? Something like an "MSc taught course" in informatics,
> telco, network system administration etc. The college or university
> should be in Europe, and the educational language should be English
> (sorry, I'm not capable of Swedish or French :).
> Any hints?
> =Thomas

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