about UBF

Vlad Dumitrescu vlad_dumitrescu@REDACTED
Wed Feb 2 09:17:05 CET 2005


Because the latest references to UBF made my brain to feel dizzy again, I
decided to check if I am the only one in this situation and to propose a way to
solve the problem ;-)

    * what are people referring to when thay say "UBF"? Is it UBF-A or UBF-B?

Sometimes it can be guessed from the context, but I always get confused at

The only things that relate UBF-A and UBF-B is that Joe invented them and that
UBF-B can use UBF-A as a lower layer. But it could just as well use XML, Erlang
external format, text, or pigeons.

    * UBF-A is what the name says it is, a binary format, therefore I suggest it
will be named UBF.
    * UBF-B is a protocol describing language, therefore I suggest it will be
named UPD (Universal Protocol Description) [other name suggestions are welcome]

Does anyone think it's meaningful to remove the overloaded name?

best regards,

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