Mnesia - mnesia_subscr and force_load_table

Ulf Wiger (AL/EAB) ulf.wiger@REDACTED
Mon Aug 29 13:33:36 CEST 2005

Serge Aleynikov wrote:
> Also, how do you determine if a restart is due to paritioned
> network (this might require some persistence of state between
> restarts).

Mnesia is able to detect it during the "handshake" after restart.
It then generates an event, 
{inconsistent_database, running_partitioned_network, Node}.

One may argue that when mnesia reports this, it's a bit late,
since damage may already have been done. This is why we started
using -kernel dist_auto_connect_once. If the nodes cannot 
automatically re-connect, you can detect partitioned networks

What we did with this information was to write to a special
file on disk. This information is then read during restart.


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