Compiling .rel-files - module search path

Fredrik Thulin <>
Fri Aug 26 08:50:58 CEST 2005

I give up. I've searched the mailing lists and the rest of the 
google-indexed web but I can't get this to work.

I am trying to compile a .rel-file into a boot file. I want to be able 
to build my project in a build-directory as opposed to having to do it 
inside the source tree.

erlc with output directory set to "." and a relative path to 
the .rel-file gives me a lot of "module_not_found" even though I've 
littered the command line with paths to all my source files AND the 
corresponding .beam files. What am I doing wrong?

As seen in this strace-output, erlc only looks for tcp_receiver.beam in 
the current working directory, despite all my -I's :

host:~/tmp/build-test-yxa/ebin$ strace -f /pkg/erlang/R10B-6/bin/erlc 
	-Wall -I"../../test-yxa-svn/src" 
	-I"../src/" -I"../src/*/" 
	-o . ../../test-yxa-svn/ebin/incomingproxy.rel 2>&1 |
		grep 'tcp_receiver'
stat64("./tcp_receiver.beam", 0xbfffee9c) = -1 ENOENT
	(No such file or directory)
host:~/tmp/build-test-yxa/ebin$ ls ../src/*/tcp_receiver.beam 
../../test-yxa-svn/src/transportlayer/tcp_receiver.erl  ../src/transportlayer/tcp_receiver.beam

I've tried with having the .rel-file in both a directory called 
"applications/" (my preferred choice), and in "ebin/" (as above).

Thanks in advance


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