(Prolog + LISP + Erlang) with integration issues versus C++

Ulf Wiger (AL/EAB) <>
Thu Aug 25 13:22:38 CEST 2005

Dev Functional wrote:
> The Consultant is Directore's close friend's nephew !

Oh, there you go!

Best case, the fact that the Directore has hired a close
friend is incidental, and he is still able to judge the
case on its merits.

Worst case (normal case), technical arguments won't
bite, since this is personal.

Do you have a direct channel to the boss? Do you 
have someone who has his confidence? Otherwise, 
you have to either accept the decision and live with
it, or try some stalling or diversion tactics.

Not to sound too devious, you could try to come up
with a plan that is in line with the expressed 
intentions, but doesn't throw the baby out with 
the bath water. A phased approach? You already have
a pretty modular system. With well-defined protocols
between the components, you can start re-writing one
in C++. Keep the existing components around until 
the work is done; keep them around afterwards as 
references/test applications.


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