(Prolog + LISP + Erlang) with integration issues versus C++

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Thu Aug 25 11:46:02 CEST 2005


> The management is worried about our choice of three
> languages and has strongly suggested a relook at this
> strategy.

I am a bit dubious about using /too/ many different
languages, on the other hand I am sure doing
everything in C++ can't compete with Lisp and Erlang.

Here are some thoughts you could introduce into the
discussion with your managers:

* Developers will be far more motivated by working with
  a technical solution they have chosen and are happy
  with. They will rise to the challenge of making it

* C++ is a very tricky language, and it is common for
  developers with over 5 years of experience to
  continue to introduce very tricky bugs. This is
  especially true if you have threads.

* Coding in the same language as the graphics layer
  increases the risk of a monolithic, coupled

* Prolog, Lisp and Erlang attract talented, brilliant
  programmers ;-) The C++ crowd is far more variegated.

Finally, it sounds as though you need to solve the
problems you are having integrating the code written in
the three languages. Why has this been difficult?


Dominic Williams


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