(Prolog + LISP + Erlang) with integration issues versus C++

Dev Functional devfunctional@REDACTED
Thu Aug 25 11:08:46 CEST 2005

Hello Bjarne

Thanks for your kind reply.

The device enumeration and goal seek program is written in gprolog.
What is the procedure for calling a prolog function from Erlang ?
Similarly, what is the procedure for calling a clisp function from Erlang ?
All the control logic is implemented in Erlang.

Alternatively, is it possible to implement goal seek, AI applications
in Erlang ?
That way we get rid of gprolog and clisp. So, it is then a single
language solution.

In many of these matters we have investigated AI - Russell & Norvig book,
but there is no information about programming languages that can be directly

Your advise in this matter will be greatly appreciated.


On 8/25/05, Bjarne Däcker <bjarne@REDACTED> wrote:
> Hello Dev,
> I find your experience very interesting and from
> my years at Ericsson, I can understand your situation.
> I tried to argue by comparing with a materials
> scientist. He or she will use iron, plastic, rubber,
> wood, glass etc in different places of some
> construction because of different requirements
> and of the different properties of the materials.
> Prolog, Lisp and Erlang are all symbolic languages
> with similar datatypes (lists etc) so in principle
> should be easy to integrate.
> Bjarne

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