Messages going missing in test suite

Benefits Dragon <>
Tue Aug 23 16:02:14 CEST 2005

Well the the process is globally named and it can find it with
global:whereis_name before and after the function that sends the
message is called.

Probably should also mention that it loses messages in a deterministic
way, i.e some may get through but if the code is unchanged the same
ones are always lost everytime the suite is run.

As an interesting note printing out the pid of the process before and
after meant a few of the messages didn't go missing, bizarre I know...

On 8/23/05, Bengt Kleberg <> wrote:
> On 2005-08-23 11:51, Benefits Dragon wrote:
> > For some reason in one of my test suites messages that are being sent
> > by one process are not being received by the other.  When I run the
> > same commands on the console (that includes the same test case setup)
> > as are in the test it works fine and all messages are received that
> > should be.
> no answer, but a line of inquiery.
> perhaps the test server is running in its own erlang node. perhaps this 
> node is not being able to send to the node where your 
> process-to-be-tested is running.
> if you register the process-to-be-tested under a name, can the test 
> server locate the pid with erlang:whereis/1 ?
> bengt

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