yet another gui framework for Erlang

Jouni Rynö <>
Fri Aug 19 13:45:43 CEST 2005

On Fri, 2005-08-19 at 13:26 +0200, Mats Cronqvist wrote:

> [snip]
> >>P.S. It the future (tm), the cairo and gdk-cairo drawable would be nice
> >>to have included, but that's gtk 2.8 stuff. The point being, that the
> >>same code calling the cairo functions could draw also pdf, png, etc, not
> >>just gdkdrawable ... 
>    cairo seems very interesting,
>   but i don't know enough about it to predict when the future(tm) will be upon 
> us. there is a GtkCairo widget (, anybody 
> know anything about that?

The current scheme in 2.8 is to use the following API, GtkCairo is

Not that I know! anything about that stuff. But it would require the
generation of the cairo callbacks to the gtkNode ... (please :) )



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