Multiple-behaviour warning

Tim Bates <>
Thu Aug 18 12:29:48 CEST 2005

Hi folks,
Is there any way to remove this warning?

src/publish_filter.erl:26: Warning: several behaviours defined - gen_server
src/publish_filter.erl:36: Warning: several behaviours defined - publisher
src/publish_filter.erl:41: Warning: several behaviours defined - subscriber

I've developed a simple publish/subscribe framework. In this example, 
publish_filter subscribes to a publication, modifies the incoming values 
in some way and re-publishes the result, so the one module is both a 
publisher and a subscriber, and it's also implemented using gen_server. 
I'd like not to see these three warnings every time I compile the 
module, but the documentation doesn't tell of any way to turn this 
particular warning off. Any ideas?


Tim Bates

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