Towards a native windows GUI

Marc van Woerkom <>
Wed Aug 17 14:01:06 CEST 2005

>    I have often toyed with the idea of using the win32 
>api to do graphics and *not*
>use a library to hide the gory details - but how easy is 

You will find even tutorials on the net about Win32 GUI 
programming in assembler. 

>    A win32 applications is made up from windows. Inside 
>a window you can place several
>"controls" - a control is something like a button, a 
>listbox, and editor, ...

Win32 GUI Programming (as well, as its cousin OS/2 
Presentation Manager) is event based.

A window has code to handle messages sent by the os
and it communicates with other windows by sending/posting 
Plus the executables can carry extra data, so called
resources, like icons and strings...

A very good book on Win32 GUI Programming (not that MFC 
C++ wrapper stuff) was by Charles Petzold.

Microsoft's MSDN site carries information on Windows 


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