Yaws / Post arguments

Dale Harvey <>
Tue Aug 16 16:46:18 CEST 2005

Heh the . was a mistype, 

Didnt notice the type definitions last time i looked, thanks, still
getting troubles though

Bleh = #Record{define="stuff"},
http:request(post,{"http://blehbleh", [] , "text/plain",
term_to_binary(Bleh)}, [] , []).


http:request(post,{"http://blehbleh", [] , "text/plain",
term_to_binary({123,"bleh"})}, [] , []).

are both still crashing on me, theres hundreds of lines getting thrown
out but the error seems to be down to

its definetaly a valid binary type im sending, binary_to_term comes
out fine, just playing around i tried

http:request(post,{"http://blehbleh", [] , "text/plain",
[term_to_binary({123,"bleh"})]}, [] , []).

which doesnt crash but the arguements unsuprisingly dont come out the
other end right

sending a valid binary type should according to the user guide work
fine, am i doing something silly?

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