Tcl/Tk Error

Manjeet.Singh Sardar (AC/EDD) Manjeet.Singh.Sardar@REDACTED
Tue Aug 16 15:03:00 CEST 2005

Hi All,
We are working on a GUI Client which is Erlang based. 
Erlang version :R9C-2 Tcl/Tk: version: 8.3 (came along with the Erlang release)
Following error is displayed when any button is clicked and not released immediately
Invalid command name ".w3.f41.b19"
Invalid command name ".w3.f41.b19"
while executing
"$w cget -repeatinterval"
(procedure "tk::ButtonAutoInvoke" line 4)
invoked from within
"tk::ButtonAutoInvoke .w3.f41.b19"
("after" script)"
Can someone let us know what is the error because the same code was working fine when we use the R8C version of Erlang.

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