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Serge Aleynikov serge@REDACTED
Fri Aug 12 23:21:30 CEST 2005


I have the following config, and I noticed that os_mon and mnesia 
applications get started at startup when I use a boot script:

 >erlc -pa ../ebin -o ../ebin drpdb.rel
 >cd ../ebin
 >erl -boot drpdb -sname drpdb -config ../priv/drpdb

I was under impression that if an application is listed in the *.rel 
file, it should be loaded but not started.  In order for it to be 
started it must be included in the {applications, ...} tuple of the 
*.app file.  However, what I am observing is that all apps that are 
listed in the *.rel file are started automatically.  Am I doing 
something wrong?

====== drpdb.rel ========
{release, {"drpdb","1.0"}, {erts, "5.4.8"},
   {sasl, "2.0.1"},
   {drpdb, "1.0"},
   {os_mon, "1.7.4"},
   {mnesia, "4.2.2"}

====== ========
{application, drpdb,
   {description, "Master Database Server"},
   {vsn, "1.0"},
   {id, "drpdb"},
    {registered, [ drpdb_sup, drpdb ] },
    {applications, [ kernel, sasl ] },
    {mod, {drpdb_app, []}},
    {env, []}

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