Line numbers in stack traces

ke.han <>
Tue Aug 9 17:04:28 CEST 2005

Bjorn Gustavsson wrote:
> Richard Cameron <> writes:
>>Have I missed the command line option which does this, or is there
>>some good reason why it's difficult for the virtual machine to report
>>on this information (some obscure consequence of the way it compiles
>>tail-recursive functions?)
> No, there is no command line option.
> Yes. There is a good reason. The virtual machine has no information about
> line numbers. It would be possible for the virtual machine to give you information
> about the exact address where the error occurred, but it would be hard
> to use that information.
> /Bjorn

I would have to list this as my #1 complaint about erlang.  Far above 
any other gripes.
I realize the tracing facility is robust.  But it is certainly not 
convenient. Especially for someone new to erlang.
I don't understand why the debug compile can't provide this info by 
default.  Can someone explain what it would take to put this into a very 
near future release?
thanks, ke han

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