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Gaspar Chilingarov nm@REDACTED
Tue Aug 9 01:15:23 CEST 2005

Hi all ;)

Finnaly I ended up with very simplified version of test_server,
which is almost equal in syntax with original test_server, but are much more
lightweight and easy to use.

I've put simple test module into attach


add(3,Y) -> 2*3 + Y;
add(X,Y) -> X + Y.

test suite looks almost the same as for test_server

-export([all/1, test1/1, test2/1]).

all(doc) -> "example test from adder module";
all(suite) -> [ test1, test2 ].

test1(doc) -> "Test simple adding";
test1(Config) when is_list(Config) ->
        ?line 7 = adder:add(2,5),
        ?line 9 = adder:add(7,2).

test2(doc) -> "Test special case";
test2(Config) when is_list(Config) ->
        ?line 7 = adder:add(4, 3),
        ?line 7 = adder:add(3, 4),
first test should pass and second one is failing.

if you run this command in unix shell
erl -s simple_tests run adder_SUITE -s init stop | grep '^\(FAIL\|PASS\):'

with output like this
PASS: "Test simple adding"
FAIL: "Test special case" (at {adder_SUITE,21}) reason {{badmatch,10},

it will grep passed and failed tests in adder module - which is almost enougth
for developing simple standalone applications.

Now, which functions should would you recommend to port test_server here?
Which functions are useful and commonly used in testing and which ones are

Thanks in advance :)

Gaspar Chilingarov
System Administrator

t +37491 419763
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