Simple text user interface question

Sebastian Bello <>
Thu Aug 4 14:54:36 CEST 2005

Vlad and Per,

by the moment I'm not looking for a portable and elegant solution. I'm
working on Windows and tried "\r" with werl.exe yesterday!! But the solution
working in a text shell is enough. Thanks!

One more question: I tried io:get_chars('Input key: ', 1) but it seems to
wait for an ENTER and to cut the read characters to the specified length.
I'm in fact looking for a way to read just N (in this case 1) keys from the
keyboard, *without* waiting for an ENTER. Any ideas?
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> > Hm, well, for cursor positioning in general that may be true, and I'm
> > sure there are *some* systems it would not work on, but for anything
> > that faithfully displays the text it receives doing exactly the
> > "something like" above works just fine - no ANSI support needed. I.e.
> > try this with e.g. l(1,10):
> Good point! The trouble is that under Windows this works only in a text
shell - not in werl.exe, and not in a shell opened in Emacs.
> /Vlad

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