Erlang workshop in Tallinn. Block reservations of hotels.

Bjarne Däcker <>
Mon Aug 1 17:36:47 CEST 2005

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Subject: TFP/ICFP/GPCE'05 block reservations of hotels

Dear TFP/ICFP/GPCE registrant,

Apologies, if you have already booked a hotel for yourself, in which case
you can safely ignore this letter.

We very strongly suggest that you make your hotel booking *** during
this week (before Aug 5) ***.

Our block reservations at various central hotels in Tallinn were
originally valid until the early registration deadline of July
29. Unfortunately, some of these had been used very poorly, which means
that very many of you must be without an individual reservation.

We have now managed to extend our block reservations at Hotel Tallink,
Meriton Grand Hotel Tallinn, Mihkli and Reval Express Hotell for very
limited periods (until Aug 5 or 10 depending on the hotel). There are
rooms available at all of those hotels at the moment and it would be a
great pity to let the hard-to-find rooms and very favourable rates go

These block reservations will not be extended further, as the hotels
are in high demand and hence not interested in keeping reservations
without guarantees indefinitely.

Please therefore hurry with your reservations. After these four block
reservations expire, you may find it *** very difficult and expensive
*** to obtain a reservation at a hotel in the city center.

We will not be able to help you with hotel bookings in any way

All relevant information is available in the Accommodation section of
the TFP/ICFP/GPCE local information pages at

Yours sincerely,

TFP/ICFP/GPCE'05 local organization


Block reservation numbers / references:

Hotel Tallink, 77194
Meriton Grand Hotel Tallinn, 41346
Mihkli, "TTÜ Küberneetika Instituut, 22.09."
Reval Express Hotell, 360417

Please check the Accommodation section for further information and

You MUST quote the reservation number / reference when requesting your

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