EUC. Do you know where that is?

Matthias Lang <>
Tue Sep 21 15:06:46 CEST 2004

Peter-Henry Mander writes:

 > Ahem, seriously, I _do_ need directions. I'll land the previous day at
 > Stockholm-Skavsta and I haven't got a measly clue how to proceed from
 > there. Help me please?

Skavsta is about 90 minutes from Stockholm (Arlanda, the main airport,
is closer). Don't take a cab, it'll cost a fortune, if they'll take
you at all. There's a direct bus ("Flygbuss") from the terminal to
Stockholm Central Station, it leaves whenever a flight lands. Costs
roughly 100sek (less than ten quid) and they take cards.

The bus takes you to the bus terminal above Stockholm's main railway
station. ("City Terminalen").

You didn't say where you were staying. 

If you're staying in the city, chances are it's within walking
distance of the station. You can get a good zoomable map of Stockholm
and surroundings by clicking your way through from

If you're staying in Älvsjö, the quickest and cheapest way there is
the commuter train ("pendeltåg"). Mail me privately if that's the case
and I'll write some more detailed directions.


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