Bertil Karlsson <>
Tue Sep 14 17:29:39 CEST 2004


If you can attach all asn1 specs you have had problem with, I would be 
grateful. Both the ones that are reported as syntax errors and the ones 
that make the compiler hang.

As soon as possible for me, maybe in 2 or 3 weeks I will give you a 
report of the troubles you have met with the OTP asn1 compiler.

I would like to add to my prevoius answers that we have customers that 
compile specs belonging to the MAP standard. If you can get specs where 
the macros are converted to other code they should pass the compiler.


Casper wrote:
> Dear All,
> With the help of book of Olivier Duboisson at:
>, I managed to finally notice that
> the ASN error occurs when it tries to handle ERROR and OPERATION types.
> Where is it wrong? Is it the ASN syntax in GSM MAP specification or the
> Erlang ASN compiler doesn't know how to handle those 2 types? Or is that
> syntax an out dated or very new one?
> Thanks!
> Eranga

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