Erlang & SCTP

Serge Aleynikov <>
Fri Sep 10 05:13:06 CEST 2004

As we saw in responses in this thread, Solaris, Linux (2.6.x), BSD and 
Mac all have SCTP kernel-level implementations.  The socket API 
extension with SCTP support was standardized.

I think it's about time to revisit the question on including SCTP 
interface to the OTP.  While it's quite easy to implement, as the API 
looks very similar to its TCP/UDP counterparts, I think that it would be 
a valuable complement to the Erlang suit of features that would give 
even more power in designing fault-tolerant distributed systems than 
what is available in current release.

Another two nice OTP additions would be M3UA and SUA implementations... :-)


Ulf Wiger wrote:

> On Thu, 09 Sep 2004 07:49:12 -0400, Serge Aleynikov <>  
> wrote:
>>  Is there an SCTP driver for Erlang?  Are there plans to include it 
>> in  the upcoming distribution?
> The AXD 301 uses SCTP, and has a home-made interface to an SCTP stack
> developed in-house. There have been some discussions about making
> an OTP interface to SCTP, but in the past, it has been hampered
> somewhat by the fact that so few OSes offer SCTP as a standard service.
> /Uffe

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