Core Erlang specification 1.0.3

Richard Carlsson richardc@REDACTED
Fri Nov 26 15:27:49 CET 2004

I'd like to inform those interested that a new revision of
the Core Erlang specification is available at

(Changes include specifiation of how binary-syntax is handled,
and how the try/catch-construct works on the core language level.)

If you don't feel like reading the whole thing, there are a couple of
quick-references in the appendices.

>From OTP/Erlang R10 and onwards, to compile a .erl source file to Core
Erlang, pass the flag to_core to the compiler. A .core file will be
generated instead of a .beam file. For example:

    1> c(my_module, to_core).

To compile a Core Erlang module my_module.core to a .beam file, pass the
flag from_core to the compiler. For example:

    1> c(my_module, from_core).



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