Yet another dumb test_server question

Wed Nov 17 12:46:44 CET 2004


Still using the test_server, I have been trying lately to use the 
debugger in the middle of a test case. To do this, I intended to
- break the test case using ?t:break("DEBUG TIME!")
- launch the debugger, interpret the applicative modules (ii(my_module))
- resume debugger and step through the scenario

Problem is that the module interpretation fails and crashes the
ts-spawned terminal completely. It is complaining about hipe_bifs 
being called from the code server... 

I suspect something about the paths used by the ts for loading 
code. I have tried starting the app (application:start()) manually,
the interpretation works ok... I have tried changing the working
dir from the ts terminal, also...

Has anyone encountered this problem before?


-- Alex

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