Compiler crash using abstract modules

Richard Carlsson richardc@REDACTED
Sun Nov 14 16:54:39 CET 2004

Mark Scandariato wrote:
> Compiling:
> -module(foo, [A]).
> -export([bar/1]).
> -record(s, {a}).
> bar(S) when S#s.a == 0 -> any_term.
> Produces:
> 4> c(foo).
> ./foo.erl:none: internal error in expand_module;
> crash reason: {function_clause,[{sys_expand_pmod,

There had been some code rot in the expansion module,
due to changes in other parts of the compiler. The
attached file (lib/compiler/src/sys_expand_pmod.erl)
should fix this, as well as some other problems I
found when going over the code.

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