Transaction protocol

Hal Snyder hal@REDACTED
Tue Nov 9 22:34:58 CET 2004

Sean Hinde <sean.hinde@REDACTED> writes:

> Maybe it is time to re-evaluate the decision to never attempt to
> merge updates after a partition in Mnesia. This could take the form
> of a table property that declares hat this table is safe to merge on
> re-connect and that some small errors due to time differences
> between machines are acceptable.

What is done with other large distributed database technologies? What
to do after partitioning is a requirements problem for any replicating
store, not just mnesia.

We know there is no single solution - it depends on the application
(as Lennart pointed out when he was consulting here). Not being a DB
expert, I wonder how the issue is handled with other replicating

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